1. All items from the envato market should now be uploaded with price in $ * 10 = credit price.

    This is just because my server rent is now more expensive.

    Thank you for understanding.

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2.0 UI.X 2 Dark

UI.X 2 Dark

  1. Version Released

    UI.X Dark 2 Changelog:
    1. Collapse sidebar improvements
    2. Fixed an issue with scrollable sticky sidebars
    3. Fixed an issue that caused the off-canvas tab alert label to be oddly positioned
    4. Fixed an issue with sub-navigation which wasn’t vertically aligned in Internet Explorer
    5. Fixed an issue with search z-index when search is in staff bar
    6. Fixed an issue with button link styling
    7. Fixed an issue that caused the normal filter item from not being vertically...
  2. Version Released

    UI.X Dark 2 Changelog:
    1. Fixed the issue which caused watch or other links in nodes from not working
    2. Fixed mobile spacing on block statuses
    3. Fixed the issue that caused edge from switching to a small logo
    4. Fixed the local loaded material icons to use the base URL instead
    5. Fixed the hover state on the side nav canvas
    6. Fixed the issue that caused some social media icons from showing
    7. Added a phrase for the sidebar toggle trigger tooltip
    8. Fixed the...
  3. Version Released, GDPR Support

    UI.X Dark 2 Changelog:
    1. GDPR Support
    2. Fixed the empty action bar on the Member Card
    3. Fixed the white space that is seen at the bottom when collapsing the sidebar
    4. Fixed the collapse link on the sidebar
    5. Improved tabs border-bottom on header tabs
    6. Improvements made to the side navigation
    7. Canvas improvements
    8. Improvements made on checkboxes and radio boxes
    9. Fixed issues with the token input bar
    10. Fixed the issue with deleted by said user when...
  4. Version Released

    UI.X Dark 2 Changelog:
    1. Improved content fader component to fade text instead of adding background gradient when mask-image is supported
    2. Added the style property known as Extended Footer White Text to easily change text colors to be legible for dark footers
    3. Improvements for navigation active states and alerts
    4. Improved code bbcode backgrounds on dark themes
    5. Improvements made to the login drop-down
    6. Added a helper var for adding content to the bottom...
  5. Update to XenForo

    UI.X 2 Dark Changelog:
    • Updated to XenForo
  6. Version released

    UI.X 2 Dark Change Log
    • Fixed some misspelling on some style properties
    • Added off canvas visitor tabs for mobile
    • Fixed the issues which caused sub-navigation padding vertical to not work
    • Improved thread fields
    • Fixed jump buttons which turned transparent when you would hover over them
    • Fixed long node titles from breaking
    • Fixed the Watch icon from not showing
    • Fixed issues with the search expand function in section links, logo block, and staffbar...
  7. Version released

    UI.X 2 Dark Change Log

    The UI.X add-on does not need to be updated in this new release.
    • Fixed 'x's not being seen when deleting tags
    • Added Visitor Tabs Bar (mobile) as a style property
    • Improved email template coloring on buttons and links
    • Fixed code editor text from being able to be read
    • Replaced logo height with logo width due to logo not changing widths dynamically
    • Fixed overflow issue with the node gutter style property
    • Changed...
  8. Minor bug fixes and update to XenForo 2.0.1

    UI.X 2 Change Log
    • Made changes to the FAB Quick Reply to go to the new page
    • Fixed FAB scroll up from not working
    • Fixed the logo small sub-routes
    • Fixed the issue with search allowing it to have a position relative in the logoblock
    • Fixed the icon on the view results on the poll
    • Fixed sticky footer issues
    • Condense Visitor Tabs are enabled by default for mobile devices
    • Fixed the issue with the welcome section's page width
    • Fixed the issue with long...
  9. Version released

    UI.X 2 Change Log
    • Fixed search resize behavior and Internet Explorer 11 issues
    • Fixed the issue where navigation menu's split triggers are taller than the nav-link
    • Fixed modal position in sidebar when it is sticky
    • Fixed node unread image icon
    • Improvements to search icon
    • Fixed login modal margin issue based on registration options
    • Fixed margin bottom issue of .block when not inside of .blocks
    • Fixed the welcome section register button
    • Added href...
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